In October of 2014, the Human Resources Professionals Association announced a change in the manner in which HR practitioners were being designated. The new framework was created in response to our ever changing workplace and a twenty- year old precedent that was created to recognize HR practitioners as an entry level designation.

These new designations align with:

  • The Registered Human Resources Professionals Act, 2013 Act; and
  • Tier 1 professions including accountants, lawyers and engineers.

The HRPA has introduced three distinct designations:

  • CHRP – an entry-level designation that identifies job readiness to employers;
  • CHRL – a professional designation that recognizes business knowledge and skills to lead; and
  • CHRE – an executive designation that verifies proficiency to deliver high-impact HR to employers.

Using both the CHRP and CHRL designations:

Many HR practitioners have dropped the use of the CHRP designation all together to adopt the CHRL designation. This isn’t necessarily the direction we would encourage our peers to take. The CHRL is a province- wide designation in Ontario only and therefore, the use of the CHRL is not fully recognized as a nation-wide designation at this time. As such, feel free to still use your CHRP designation; particularly for those of you who work across the Canadian marketplace representing your organization.