It all starts with identifying and cultivating your employer brand internally and externally. Does your organization currently have an employer branding strategy? If so, does your brand live and breathe throughout the entire organization? If not, start with building awareness and embedding a unique culture around your brand. Ensure all of your current employees are experiencing it.  All employees should be engaged in the mission, vision and values of the business. It is your employees after all who is your company’s largest voice and resource in communicating and validating your brand externally to potential candidates and the outside market.

There are several ways to do a pulse check to evaluate the effectiveness of your current employer brand internally – employee engagement surveys, turnover/retention ratios and ratings on external employer rating sites like or

It’s important to start building your brand from the inside out and to keep top of mind that constant two-way communication plays a large role in successfully creating, launching and sustaining your employer brand.